Stanley Siegel, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author, international lecturer, and former Director of Education at New York’s renowned Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. With over 45 years of experience, Siegel has developed an unconventional and highly regarded approach to psychotherapy. Stanley’s latest book, “Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life” is out now!


Notes on Therapy

Early in my career I immersed myself in the then emerging theories referred to as Family Systems Therapy, with teachings from professionals such as Murray Bowen, Carl Whittaker, Jay Haley and Nathan Ackerman, who themselves had rebelled against the tenants of traditional psychotherapy. They shared the premise that an individual’s “problem,” rather than being purely...
The Soul of Therapy

The Soul of Therapy

Our Problems Are Our Solutions. As I continue to teach and lecture among my colleagues around the world, I have become increasingly aware that most psychotherapists train and practice within a paradigm that sees patients’ problems as rooted in pathology. These therapists wait and watch for a symptom to see how  it  might fit into a a category of...

Choosing a Gay or Straight Therapist

Excerpted from: Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families: A Handbook by Joan Laird and Robert-Jay Green, Josey-Bass, 1996   Chapter Two: Connections Conversations Between a Gay Therapist and a Straight Therapist   Stanley Siegel and Gillian Walker   In this chapter, we–Gillian Walker, a straight therapist, and Stanley Siegel, a gay therapist–join together in dialogue...