Why you need to think more about sex:

What if great sex wasn’t just great sex: what if great sex could actually change your life? Your Brain on Sex offers a groundbreaking and intriguing look at how each one of us can transform our lives by focusing our thoughts on our true sexual desires. This book lays out a bold yet simple path for uncovering your true self through sex. It’s more than just great sex. It’s smart sex-sex that can change your life.

You will learn how to discover your true desires, understand what they mean, and use those secrets to create powerful change.

Find the answers to these and other questions in the pages of Your Brain on Sex:

Why do you feel chemistry with some people and not others?

What do your sexual fantasies mean?

How can you use sex to find the right life partner?                                               

Why has your sex life become boring or nonexistent?

What does your past have to do with sex now?

When should you act out your sexual fantasies?

Do you think about other things during sex?

Book Reviews

“Siegel has distilled his success with such patients into a notion of “restorative sex”—the strategy of seeking a partner or partners whose complementary needs, fantasies, traumas, and expectations provide a sense of freedom to experiment. That state of attunement, he argues, “creates the awareness” necessary to move on.”The New Yorker

Fantasy’s role in our sexuality cannot be underestimated, but in order to truly appreciate our diverse erotic reveries, we have to get rid of the judgments attached to them.Our fantasies aren’t always literal, but they are a vital and vibrant aspect of one’s sexuality. As Your Brain on Sex author Stanley Siegel writes.”  The Guardian

“This deeply psychological book uses a combination of case histories and homework-you’ll be asked to delve into childhood memories as well as analyze your sexual fantasies.”  Newsday

“Stanley Siegel’s book is an incredibly valuable, hard-hitting psychology self-help work that doesn’t pull it’s punches. Offering readers insights into their fantasies and sexual preferences, “Your Brain On Sex” is both empowering and healing, allowing one to demystify their tastes and needs, and live a more consciously directed sex life that can eventually be utilized to heal and grow past wounds and flourish.”

After speaking with Stanley and studying his book about how our subconscious tries to heal our troubled past, I felt like my whole life came into focus. The understanding has again transformed both my sexual response, but also I now have the language to express it. Truly, our sexuality is a locked box that holds the keys to our deepest healing. The keys are living in you as your sexual fantasies, just turn them on and see for yourself. “ Hitched Magazine