Stanley Siegel, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author, international lecturer, and former Director of Education at New York’s renowned Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. With over 36 years of experience, Siegel has developed an unconventional and highly regarded approach to psychotherapy. Stanley's latest book, "Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life" is out now!
Beyond Sexual Orientation

Beyond Sexual Orientation

Gay, straight, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Heterosexuality is not what it’s cut out to be. The labels that exist to describe us typically fall short of encompassing the fullness of human sexuality. Some years ago a patient came to me to deal with his sexual identity issues.  When I...
The Soul of Therapy

The Soul of Therapy

Our Problems Are Our Solutions. As I continue to teach and lecture among my colleagues around the world, I have become increasingly aware that most psychotherapists train and practice within a paradigm that sees patients’ problems as rooted in pathology. These therapists wait and watch for a symptom to see how  it  might fit...
Intelligent Lust: It's More than Just Great Sex,

Intelligent Lust: It’s More than Just Great Sex,

It’s Smart Sex. Step Six: Acting Out Sexual Fantasies If you’ve followed the steps of Intelligent Lust this far, by now you’ve gained an understanding of your true sexual desires and their meaning and purpose in your life. You may have even met someone with whom you share the likelihood...
Cracking The Code of Sexual Chemistry

Cracking The Code of Sexual Chemistry

Using sexual chemistry to guide you to the right partner Step 4 of Intelligent Lust: Cracking the Code of Sexual Chemistry We’ve all had the experience of seeing someone on the street or in a social setting and feeling an instant attraction. Our eyes lock, our pulse races, everyone else...
What Do Our Fantasies Say About the Past?

What Do Our Fantasies Say About the Past?

Where do our fantasies and erotic images come from and what do they tell us about the deeper nature of who we are? We have been led to believe that our sexual fantasies are random imaginings, but nothing could be further from the truth. At their base lies fragments of...
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Stanley Siegel and Psychology Tomorrow

Stanley Siegel and Psychology Tomorrow

 Online Magazine that Openly Explores the Cutting Edge of Psychology for Now and Tomorrow. Psychology Tomorrow Magazine will explore the practice of psychology as an art in all its complex possibilities. Going against the current trend in psychology to pathologize human behavior through medical and scientific explanations, the magazine will instead emphasize the creativity of the therapeutic process for...

Call for Submissions

Join contributing editors,  psychotherapist, Stanley Siegel; Canadian novelist Sheila Heti; Photographer Bill Hayward; Portland relationship counselor, Alyssa Siegel; Canadian body/mind expert and author, Jeff Warren by presenting your work in the inaugural issue of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. Psychology Tomorrow Magazine aims to explore the practice of psychology as an art in all its complex possibilities. Against...

The Birth of Psychology Tomorrow Online Magazine!

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Thank you for your tremendous support surrounding the wrongful ‘retirement” of my column, “Intelligent Lust” from Psychology Today Magazine. One supporter wrote that I should never consider returning to Psychology Today, but instead start my own magazine and call it Psychology Tomorrow. I’ve taken that suggestion to heart. After conversations with...
O - The Oprah Magazine South Africa 02/12

O – The Oprah Magazine South Africa 02/12

INTELLIGENT LUST Psychotherapist Stanley Siegel shares how smarter sex can change your life! The Mental Connection: For some, sex is a simple act of physical pleasure, others see it as a way of expressing deep feelings, and there are those who approach classifieds portlandmercury com health other vigorelle it as a spiritual experience. The definition of sexual activity also differs from one person...
Fit'n Style Magazine 02/2012

Fit’n Style Magazine 02/2012

Smarter Sex can Change Your Life Stanley Siegel is a psychotherapist, an international lecturer, and the former director of education and senior faculty member of New York’s renowned Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. His Latest book release, Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life, takes the reader on a journey through...
The Believer Literary Magazine: A Conversation with Stanley Siegel

The Believer Literary Magazine:
A Conversation with Stanley Siegel

Mr Siegel and I have been been continuing a conversation over several years about his ideas. I will be posting some excerpts from our conversations about Commitment over the next few weeks (March 2012). The photographs shown here are by Ryan McGinley. - Sheila Heti, The Believer Logger...Read More

Notes on Therapy

Early in my career I immersed myself in the then emerging theories referred to as Family Systems Therapy, with teachings from professionals such as Murray Bowen, Carl Whittaker, Jay Haley and Nathan Ackerman, who themselves had rebelled against the tenants of traditional psychotherapy. They shared the premise that an individual’s “problem,” rather than being purely...